Marketing of Information Product

Introduction: Marketing is a complex process of business. Especially when it is related to non-conventional material like information products. Information products are generally produced by different companies to promote their products, like food items, cosmetics, furniture, garments, real estate plots and flats, admission to different educational and vocational institutes, etc.

Marketing of IPs: There are differences between the marketing of IPs and ordinary consumables. The IPs are generally related to Information and knowledge. So knowledge and information seekers are the prospective users of IPs. So to motivate with a view to promoting IPs is also a kind of marketing. For example, holding seminar, book fair, deliver speech, storytelling, etc come under the purview of marketing of IPs. So to do something to draw attention to use the IPs and to do something to attract toward IPs may also be considered as the marketing of IPs.

Marketing in business administration has been defined by different experts in different ways. Marketing guru, Philip Kotler said in his famous book, Principles of marketing, “Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and group obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others.”

American Marketing Association opined, “Marketing is the performance of all business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to customer or ultimate user.”
Another marketing expert Prof M Mazur said, “Marketing is the delivery of the standard of living to Society.”

Steps of promoting marketing of IP’s: We’ll steps for prompting marketing of Information Products are bellow.
· Survey on the users
· Needs assessment
· User group study
· Level and social status of the users
· Financial ability
· Literacy rate
· Computer literacy
· Standard/quality of the product
· Cost of production
· Fixing price
· Profitability and distribution of knowledge
· Image building of the organization
· Creating web site
· Self interest /part of job
· Build awareness: exhibition, book fair, workshop, seminar, etc.
· Feed back
· Evaluation

Conclusion: The word ‘Marketing’ derived from the Latin word ‘Marketus’. It means in general sense, to buy and sell something. But in the true sense of the term, mere buying and selling are not marketing, rather part of marketing. In the broader sense, marketing is a comprehensive activity which includes, among other things, meeting the needs or wants of a customer or a group of customers in a profitable manner.

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